Module 4

Dissolve in Delight…

There is a well known saying of “post coïtum collapse” or that when an artist has finished a piece there is some form of depression. There is for sure a contrast after a strong activation, a strong feeling of aliveness and connection, and if we have not learned to navigate contrast, to

feel alive when we settle, to trust the emptiness and rest in it, to relish in the pause, difficult feelings can arise.
But there is a delight that can be a thread to our exploration of Libido, that we can forget or loose and come back to, that we can discover. We can spontaneously delight in the other, delight in ourselves, in the wonderment of life, because our system is more open in that moment.

We can also learn to trust dissolving into the mysterious source of love, lust, life, and everything else, and get deep nourishment for our whole being and especially our soul.

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