About me

Interview published in Sources (in French) :
“Danser et vivre son incarnation”

Trainings :

2019 : Open Floor Trainer

2014-2020 : Co-creation of the school following Dynamic Governance, as facilitator, operational leader, member (Curriculum Circle, Training Design Circle, General Circle, Art in Motion Circle)

2013 : Founding member of Open Floor International

2010 : « Heartbeat » certification in 5 Rhythms (trained by Gabrielle Roth)

2004 : « Waves » certification in 5 Rhythms (trained by Gabrielle Roth)

1999 – 2002 : European Advanced Program (with Richard Moss)

1998-2002 : tarot readings and psycho-genealogy ( with Alejandro Jodorowsky)

1998 : Agrégation d’histoire

1996 : Masters in Egyptology

1994-2004 : Mittendorf breathwork

In a rapidly changing world, with a future that depends on our capacity to evolve together, my intention is to help adults, children and teenagers, in various countries and from different backgrounds, to follow and guide the movement of their body, heart, mind and soul, so that they can fully enter the unique life that is theirs.

Professionnal experience :

Almost 25 years ago, my hunger for dance, life and truth met the world of conscious dance and free movement. After teaching 5 Rhythms® for ten year to various audiences (adults, teenagers, people with “ability” and “disability”) in Europe, Asia and the United States, I contributed to the creation of Open Floor International, of which I am founding member, a teacher and a trainer.

It has been quite an adventure to co-create a movement practice that is built on our combined experiences as human beings and as movement teachers. It was a privilege to be chosen by pioneers like Andrea Juhan and Kathy Altman, and to be a member of a team of such experienced and brilliant colleagues.

Through this adventure I also learned about managing an organization using dynamic governance, and holding collective intelligence as a central value.

On my teaching path I continued to enrich and develop my teaching skills by offering ongoing groups, that allow to deepen the exploration (Art of dance and dancing art” “Archetypes” “The human adventure” “Dream Dancer” “Love” “The meaning of Life”, and through years of assisting brilliant and experienced teachers such as Andrea Juhan and Richard Moss.

I have a passion for the exploration of the ways that lead to our essential self, and had the privilege of studying with pioneers in their fields : Gabrielle Roth in the field of conscious dance, Alejandro Jodorowsky in the field of symbols and art, Richard Moss in the field of consciousness, Etienne Jalenques in the field of emotional dynamic.

As an interpreter for various international trainings and conferences in the field of personal development, I have had the privilege to learn from accomplished teachers in the field of coaching (Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan), therapy (Imago Therapy) and spirituality.

My six years a high school teacher gave me a rare taste for working with teenagers, and also allowed me to fully appreciate teaching adults something they have willingly chosen to explore!

For the first ten years of my adult life, I was quite the academic performer, which gave me a taste for research, challenge, and the understanding of processes. And, by contrast I am so happy that my job is now to teach embodiment, to open a space where everyone can connect their minds with the other dimensions of their being : physical, emotional and soul.

Journey :

I was born dancing across borders: my own two feet weren’t quite sure they belonged to the French soil they were walking on. They knew mysterious roots were running under the English Channel to London.
To be born into two cultures is a challenge and a privilege: early experiences of crossing a border, facing the barrier of a foreign language, of the fear of the Other. I discovered the richness and conflicts that are born of this diversity, and eventually found out that I existed beyond borders. I also very quickly knew that the borders without mirrored the borders within. Step by step, I explored the territory, named the countries, drew the maps, learned to dance across my own borders, to glean treasures from both sides. I discovered ways to approach the shadows carried by both my French and English roots, and dance them into the light.

After years of inner journeying through breath, movement, emotions, writing, painting, awareness work, I felt I had accomplished something on a personal level and come to a threshold. I felt ready to open, turn my gaze back out, and take the risk of truly following my feet and my heart. Fresh out of the 5 Rhythms® teacher training, I decided to leave my job as a high school teacher, sell my furniture, and join the big wild dance of Life.
Through the magic of intention, connexions and internet, my feet took me all the way to the Mesang District, a part of Cambodia so impoverished that no tourist ever visits it. On day 5 of this month-long adventure, I am standing on the hard clay soil under the mango trees with 15 Khmer teenagers, my Western music over the sound of the generator, my two hands, the few words of Khmer I have managed to learn so far, and the dance. And the miracle happens: I am held by a something that is way bigger than me, my heart opens, I see their beauty, I see their unique dance emerge from the practice. Through their words I realise that the universal quality of conscious dance has made it across the many borders between my world and theirs. I become a well of overflowing gratitude, I feel as if my whole life has sculpted me into who I am today so that I can be here, right now, with these children.

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