Module 3

Into the Wild…

Most of our wildness has been tamed through education.

It is part of the development of a “me” necessary to function in society. However there is great energy there we can tap into : we all know there is a potential for wildness in sexuality that is quite unique. Partially but not only because of potential pregnancy, all societies have created structures to try to control the wildness. Similar wildness can be found in Art, and society often tolerates a certain degree of madness in “artists” that it doesn’t tolerate elsewhere. There can be wild fantasies,a wild hunger for sex, wild “take me” journeys, a wild release of sounds, expressions, especially during orgasm. Those of you who have danced a lot may have reached similar states in the dance, or while you paint, act, etc.

Most of us have a push/pull relationship to wildness : we long for it and we fear it. We hit the barriers of what has been socially forbidden or ruled out by our education.

How can we open the door to our own wildness and to each other’s wildness, while respecting our boundaries and each other’s boundaries?

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