Module 1

In the name of the Body…

For most of us, when we were born, there was a “it’s a girl!” or “it’s a boy!”, and with comes a male or female family lineage, expectations of what to be and not to be, what to do or not to do … all of which plays a big role in how we consider libido, sexuality and creativity. This has often gotten in the way of a free experience or expression of our libido.

In this module we will look at stereotypes of gender roles, from our family, our culture, be curious of the new reflections on gender that are emerging. And we will dive into the body, and continue to learn to allow our sensations and our natural movement to be, regardless of whether they fit the idea of the man or woman we “should” be. We will get a finer perception of the

difference between sensation and story. As we become aware of our stories and our sensations, and create some space for both, we will have greater freedom and a richer experience of our libido energy.

Foreground hunger : solitude
Foreground dimension of embodiment : physical Foreground CMRs : grounding, activate and settle, Differentiation : sensation vs story / past vs present.

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