“Pass it on …”

Join the next generation of movement leaders
and community builders.
Resource yourself and revive the world.
As an Open Floor Teacher,
you will be making a significant contribution to social, emotional,
physical and planetary health in your communities.


The teacher training program is articulated in 4 phases.
Each phase is dedicated to the study of a specific field of embodiment.
Each phase has 4 components that must be completed before moving on to the next phase:


30 Hours of intensive personal practice and deeper study of its relevance to daily life.


20 Hours in small groups, building skillset as a teacher.


Completion of a set of recorded and live webinars to engage with faculty and other trainees.


A series of specific assignments such as teaching practice classes, developing music skills, and written reflections.


You will also receive ongoing individual and group mentoring throughout the training by an international group of highly respected teachers and meet with peer groups for inspiration and support.

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