Wild Ride of The Mind : Vast Plains of Imagination

The Wild Ride of the Mind

An Open Floor series with Lucie Nerot

2023-2024 | Paris

The wild ride of our minds : a daring adventure to embark on! I often hear “ So glad I get to dance this weekend and get out of my head!” And, for sure, when we activate the body and experience the ecstasy of the dance, our thoughts naturally go into the background because sensations are blissfully taking up almost all the space.

However, it is also possible to harness the power of the mind in service of our dance and our life. When we open the doors of movement to the realm of thoughts, imagination, archetypes, intuition, we can free the energy of the mind and ride it blissfully, letting creativity and meaning find their way into our lives.

Studio Kim-Kam, Paris 20

Info and resgistration on billetweb : https://www.billetweb.fr/multi_event.php?user=82677


Mar 09 - 10 2024


11:00 am


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