Together for the World

Together for the World
International Open Floor Workshop with Lucie Nerot

March 16-17 2024 | Basel

After Libido and Love, we are ready for “Together”, a theme that resonates with a world that needs our collective creativity to face new challenges. Through dance, we will cultivate intention, purpose, energy and co-creation … and have fun!

Open Floor will offer us resources to find a place that fits, and contributes to give meaning to our life, and find pleasure in walking our talk through uncertainty as well as good habits.
Open Floor is a practice that combines structure and freedom, allowing you to open a wide range of experience, from wild to sensitive, from self to other, from physical to spiritual.


Venue : Quba center, Bachlettenstrasse 12, 4054 Basel, Switzerland. Close to the main station; 10’ by foot or 3’ by tram

Price : Early bird 220 CHF (190 €) – after Jan 1st 270 CHF (240 €) Contact: 33 6 87 87 33 44

Lucie Nerot is an Open Floor teacher and trainer. Her passion for dance, music, art, and the psyche, her quest for truth and her love of the sacred has lead her to train with exceptional explorers of consciousness Richard Moss, Gabrielle Roth, Alejandro Jodorowsky. She has been dancing and teaching internationally for 20 years. Her combination of clarity, kindness, and a sense of humour, creates a space that can hold you in your wild power as well as your vulnerability.


Mar 16 - 17 2024


All Day