Masks & Beyond

This is first and foremost our international summer residential workshop. We will have time to dive into the dance, into the experience, to open doors to transformation, to connect to nature, laugh together, share deep moments and lighten up.
We are going to dare explore at the level of identity. In Robert Dilts logical levels, it’s at the top of the pyramid of our capacity for learning and change. It is key to our transformation, to our action in the world, to our being in the world. We will let different facets of our self dance, come to the foreground, go into the background. The masks through which we express these different facets are , like everything, a manifestation of the Source. Through them and beyond, we can experience the essential energy that animates us, resource ourselves in it, allow for a re-balancing of our being. Sometimes incredible energy can be liberated when we dance behind a mask, and sometimes it’s when we put down the masks.
This is a dance workshop, movement, music are going to be our guides, even thought we will probably have a ritual theater session. And there will be an ongoing creative thread around a mould of our own face. Since I experienced the casting of part of the body as base for an artistic creation, in one of Gabrielle Roth’s workshops and under the kind and passionate direction of Kathy Altman, I have wanted to offer that. These creations  have followed me for 15 years and they still talk to me. We can consider that making a plaster mould of our face is just a technical step in the artistic project. Yet it has the potential to be a powerful sensory and emotional experience, that connects us to the question of our identity, how it expresses itself through the shape of our face, and what is not expressed there. It connects us to the person we do it with, and to the group in quite a profound way. It creates a bridge between conscious and unconscious mind, between the deeply personal and the universal.
During our creation time, the dance floor is always open, with a soundscape to support you, so you can go back and forth between creation and dance. And you will be supported by myself and my beautiful assistants : Françoise Dupéroux and Caroline Papp.
And, of couse, the pure joy of movement and dance with always bring us back to fundamental goodness and natural joy.
Dates : August 4th 7 pm to Wednesday 9th 4:30 pm.
Earlybird : 380 € before June 1st , 450 € after.
This a residential workshop at La Picotière, with its comfortable bedrooms , delicious food, beautiful hall and outside dance floor ! The full room and board it 375€ for a shared bedroom (2/3) or 475 € for a single room.
How to get there : a 45 minute TGV ride from Paris, then a collective taxi (20 minutes).


Aug 04 - 09 2023


7:00 pm - 4:30 pm


La Picotière
Villetrun proche Vendôme