Libido fundamentals 3 days

lf you’re a long time lover of the dance, you know that Iibido very quickly shows up on the floor, within us and between us. In one dance we may feel juicy, radiant and desirable, while at other times we battle feeling awkward or shy. lt is often challenging to navigate our own experiences and/or the sexual energies around us.
Carl Jung states that “Libido is appetite in its natural state”- it is an essential part of our body’s natural expression. Once made conscious and liberated, libido energy is an incredible source for aliveness and connection.
Libido Fundamentals investigates this complex and creative reality by using movement to ground, buiId and explore our sexual energy. We embrace a wider definition of Libido as Iife force, birth place of creativity, vitality, presence and alive­ness. Because sexuality is so often unconsciously acted out or ignored, the exploration of this territory tends to be intense, intimate, liberating and empowering.
We will spend most of our time dancing, and exploring through movement. Participants can also expect group sharing, inquiry and some didactic education. Nudity and actual genital contact are not a part of this workshop. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome. You can come solo or with your partner.
Libido Fundamentals is a prerequisite for the Open Floor Teacher Training
Lucie Nérot is an Open Floor teacher and trainer. She also trained in 5 Rhythms, and with Richard Moss in consciousness and energy work, and A. Jodorowsky in psycho-genealogy and apprenticed with Andrea Juhan, creator of Libido Fundamentals. She has been dancing and teaching internationally for 20 years. She is passionate in her quest for the paths that lead us to our essential self and to the richness of human relationship. She loves to bring clarity and containment to her teaching, so that both wildness and vulnerability can emerge.

Price: 290 € / Early bird 250 € for a registration before October 1st 2022 / Team rate 190 € ( 4 places)

Dates: 11.11 2022 – 13.11 2022

Location: Le Rio Liège – Luik – Boulevard Ernest Solvay 487, Liège, Belgium

Registration: Vinciane