Common Knowledge

     A 6 day immersion in Embodied Mind
Spain in May, a fabulous dance space under a dome, a group of passionate dancers who have joined our Teacher training, what more could you ask for?
This immersion is both a deep dive into your personal journey with your body and your mind, and it will offer you skills and tools that you can use professionally.
We often hear or think : I need to dance to get out of my head! But do we ? We can certainly drown our thoughts in a pool of powerful sensations. And, sometimes, it’s exactly what we need. Deep dance does allow us to relax the patterns of our habitual thinking and dive into a world of movement, sensation, feeling that can take us to new places. However, our habitual patterns of thinking will soon be back.
Hence the question : how to integrate the dimension of the mind into the dance, so that this dimension of our being can be included in the process of transformation and we have more choice on and off the dance floor ?
This question is at the heart of the Common knowledge Immersion and we will offer you many different possibilities to find answers to it through your own embodied experience.
One of Open Floor’s unique qualities as a conscious dance practice is the bridge it builds between body and mind. Come dance on it !
I will have the pleasure to teach this immersion with my colleague Deborah Lewin and Sarah Davies, supporte by our four fabulous assistants : Jane Belshaw, Audrey Boss, Catherine Gérémie and Bence Gaspar.


May 18 - 23 2023


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Bilbao, Spain


Lucie Nérot, Deborah Lewin, Sarah Davies