5 Week online Art in Motion group – Dance & collage – Archetypes

Embark with us on a 5 week journey into the realm of the Archetypes, until Christmas, 45 minutes of dance followed by weaving of collage & movement & sharing.

Week 1  : Queen and King, knowing I’m at the right place, finding structure and vision, fully inhabiting my kingdom

Week 2 : Lover, opening my heart, meeting another, connecting

Week 3 : Warrior, knowing how to focus, be true to my own values, set healthy boundaries, ,

Week 4: Magician, bringing lightness, playing with the unknown, finding the magic in life

Week 5 : Integration

Note : you don’t know to think yourself to be a “dancer” or an “artist” to join this group … I will guide you so you see both emerge.

Price : 90 euros for the series

To sign up for this write to : Lnerot@yahoo.fr


Nov 24 2021


9:00 am - 11:00 am